The Staff

Executive Board Members

Below is our talented executive board members. Each member below plays a specific role at the WIPZ. These roles can vary from scheduling and programming to graphic design.

Communications Major | Loves hanging with wife & Kids | Enjoys Home Crafted Beer

Eric Antrim

Station Manager/ Production Director

Communications Major | Likes Going to Concerts & listening to Vinyl | Favorite food is Pizza

Zeb Goessman

Assistant Manager/ Music Director

Dual Major in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics| Loves to play video games and making music | Snacks Frequently

Sterling Aceto

Social Media/Website Manager

Communications Major | Plays Vollyball | Loves to devour mambas

Kurt Riemer

Program Director

AHS Pre-Physicians Assistant Major | Loves Rock Climbing & Martial Arts | Enjoys Apples

Jimmy Meo-Martino


Pre-Med Biology Major | Likes Video Games & Plays Tennis | Loves Steak Sandwiches

Eli Samuel


Marketing Major | Enjoys Weight Lifting | Favorite Food is Chicken

Morgan Kuzemka

Underwriting Intern/Marketing Director

Communications and Criminal Justice Major | Enjoys Underwater Basket Weaving | Loves Munching on Steak

Zach Roelisberger

Sports Director

More Info Later! Please Welcome Our New Staff Member!

Matthew Hoyt

Sports Director

Radio Broadcaster | Enjoys most things | Loves all foods

Terry Havel

Media Coordinator

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