Skye Braakman : [staff-title]

Skye Braakman

Promotions Director

My name is Skye Braakman and I am a senior communication major. Along with being the Promotions Manager at WIPZ, I also DJ a show called "Skye's Universe" where I play mainly jam rock and talk about cosmic things. After I graduate college I hope to become a full time on air talent and also work in sales and promotions in radio. I have done press work for Nippersink Music Festival, Shoe Fest and I am extremely outgoing and very passionate  about radio. I can not wait to see what the future holds!
Annalee Sepanski : [staff-title]

Annalee Sepanski

Station Manager

Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s Annalee. Annalee is part of the dynamic duo that is Ah-ha! Radio Show, which airs Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. She is a junior, and studies Political Science and Women’s Studies. She serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Humanities, a slew of university committees, and currently serves as your Student Body President.  Annalee loves jazz, good food, sloths, and Mad Men. She also loves to quote the film, Mean Girls. Once, there was a rumor that she hated voice mails, and took months to set a voice mail greeting. The rumors are true. 
Eric Antrim : [staff-title]

Eric Antrim

Production Director

Eric Antrim is the production director at WIPZ. Eric has been with WIPZ for 1 year now and counting with a major in communications. Eric a.k.a Erocks is DJ on bringing you the best of local and new music. His show NOW FEATURING is online Monday nights from 7pm-8pm cst.
"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." -The Beatles
Terry Havel : [staff-title]

Terry Havel

Media Coordinator

As a teacher of English, Drama and Broadcasting at small high schools first in New Salem and then Burlington, Wisconsin, he may have had the most lasting impact of any broadcast educator in Wisconsin history. During that same time he practiced as he taught, as a disk jockey and air talent at radio stations in Iowa, Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin, including WLIP, WIIL, WFNY and WJZQ, all in Kenosha, WMIR, Lake Geneva, WRJN, Racine, and WZUU, WEMP, WQFM and WLUM, all in Milwaukee. His crowning achievement was obtaining an FCC license and then building WBSD-FM, in Burlington, one of only two high school radio stations in Wisconsin. He managed WBSD from its first days in 1975 to well beyond his retirement from teaching in 2006. During his career at the small Burlington High School, his teaching and encouragement, along with his live “on-the-air” laboratory, astoundingly helped launch the successful broadcasting careers of over fifty of his students. He has been with WIPZ for 2 years and counting.

Zebediah Goessman : [staff-title]

Zebediah Goessman

Music Director

Zebediah Goessman is currently the music director for WIPZ. His major is communication and hopes to discover more in this major.  Zeb enjoys listening to his hipster music that no one has ever heard of, listening to rad vinyl records, going to concerts, watching old movies, and chillin with friends.  You can catch his show Zebediah's Extravagant Music Hour on fridays 7pm to 8pm which this show covers indie, alternative, and a bunch more random music that he enjoys and you might enjoy as well! Also, one more show that he does is Zeb and Nick's Classic Vinyl Hour on fridays 11am to 12pm which this show plays all kinds of classic music! Check out and enjoy both of those shows! Go WIPZ!

Alex Pawzun : [staff-title]

Alex Pawzun

Web Director

Alex Pawzun is a student at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. He is also a new member of WIPZ and his position is the Tech Director/ Web Coordinator. Alex joined WIPZ in the interest of making a website exclusively for them that would be not only functional but easy to update. Alex is a current Pre-Med major with a minor in web design but is not yet sure of what may come in the future. He is willing to help anyone interested in the field of website design and technology and is available for tutoring.