Panda Bear NEW MUSIC: Panda Bear, Member of the Indie Alternative group Animal Collective recently came out with a new single from his upcoming album “Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper”. The video paired with it is a flawless animation in

What’s Erock Digging


Well well, finally getting over my 4 of July hangover…Haha. One good way to help a bad hangover is brand new music and I have it for you. Lets start!! Frist band, and my pick of the week has to

Nippersink Music and Arts Music Festival


          Nippersink Music and Arts Music Festival-2 Days of Music, Art and Camping featuring more than a dozen jam band, rock and blue grass artists. There will be Kung Fu, Yoga, Guitar and Hula Hoop workshops

What is Erock digging now

  So I’m back at it again, This week’s music was mind blowing and there is so much of it. So where do we start? With all the good music here is what I have been digging most of all.